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Parenting Workshop

Parenting Workshop is a practical training program based on conservative family values gives parents a clear plan with direction on how to start over afresh in the relationship. Your willingness to discovering biblical insights and strategic techniques to effective parenting is all I need to guarantee success. No family with children should be without these resources.

Romantic Relationships

There is so much controversy about the rights and wrongs of Christian dating, courtship, engagement and marriage. Where does the line of friendship cross over to infatuation? What is acceptable by God, the Word and the Church? Churches that take a nuetral position seem to see widespread liberalism on this issue and Churches that impose rules sometimes tend to be a bit controlling thereby opening themselves up for accusations of legalism. I have noticed that a sharp division within the Church exists because of the strong passion to believe one way or the other. Let’s talk about some different relationship models that can aid friendship and romance yet at the same time maintain integrity to the purity that God’s Word demands.

The 7 Laws of Kingdom Citizenship

The 7 Laws of Kingdom Citizenship is a powerful, discipleship tool used within the Grow Department – The discipleship and membership arm of Spirit Life Church to learn how to grow, maintain proper health and find purpose in Christ within the local church.
The need for discipleship is important to grow and maintan a healthy church body which is made up of families and individuals. Therefore, it is suitable for both babes in Christ and the mature.

The Power for True Success

This book provides Biblical studies on forty-nine character qualities which have amazing correlation to the forty-nine general commands of Jesus Christ. Included are thirty pages on how to have the power to live out character, practical definitions for each character quality, and Biblical word studies that explain the quality. Biblical illustrations and examples of the quality in life are included, with powerful quotes giving insight into each quality and practical steps of action for personal application.

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