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If you are looking to admit your child or loved-one in a spiritual treatment program, call directly right now at 919-647-9797 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. If our Life Coaches are busy, simply leave a message and someone will call you back very soon. In the meanwhile, please listen to a sample call by pressing play on the audio player below. I am sure you will find it very informative.

Press play and listen to a sample intake call. It is very informative.

Based upon your specific needs we can customize a live-in or outpatient treatment program that combines the services from our network of ministry service providers.

The Secret to Our Success
The secret to our success lies in the team that is comprised of life coaches and family members.

Life Coaching
Your family is assigned a team of Life Coaches. The Life Coaches are certified by the Parenting Workshop Academy. The exciting news is that you too will receive the same training and certification. Students are assigned a small group of peers called Social Life Coaches. The Social Life Coaches befriend the student with the goal of developing an organic relationship. The School Life Coach offers guidance through academic/vocational studies. The Treatment Life Coach evaluates the student and prepares a custom 5 point treatment plan. And finally, there is the Home Life Coach that serves as the surrogate parent providing warmth and nurturing within a small family home environment.

You, your spouse and the other siblings are assigned a Parent Life Coach. Your Parent Life Coach will be your main point of contact to call when needed. You’ll also have regularly scheduled phone sessions to coach you through the assigned lessons and practical application. The goal is family restoration and reunification and it all happens as your Parent Life Coach bridges the communication gap with you and your child through mediated phone calls.

Parent Support
Stay connected and informed with team members via social forums and contact phone numbers. View videos and pictures of your child, follow daily schedules, read treatment and academic progress reports, receive training from the parenting workshop library and much more. Register here

Click here to view a sample membership.

30 DAYS: 30 days is usually sufficient time for a parent to learn how to win the heart of their child back. The parent(s) can elect to extend the term on a pay-as-you-go basis.

90-DAYS: 90 days paid in advance includes a transitional program in the third month.

K-12 School
The accredited online school offers courses that are standards-based and require mastery of the current subject matter before moving to the next lesson. This is given in the form of a computer-based quiz which requires students to apply the concepts of the lesson to their
assessment. Parents of our students enjoy a high level of transparency and accountability with the ability to check assignments, grades, and progress on every graded task; available 24 hours a day.  The school administration handles all the transference of transcripts with your child’s school from beginning to end.

C.A.R.E.S. Treatment
There is no better approach to treatment than to foster an environment where the student can experience a heart change. Through the revolutionary 5-Point Heart Transformation Treatment Plan, you will discover how to unlock your child’s heart and bring about healing.

Parenting Workshop
Receive hours of effective parenting techniques, routines and concepts that you may have never heard before. Parenting is really about spiritual leadership that takes responsibility for providing guidance and opportunity for change in the heart of sons and daughters. Think about if for a moment, if this were not so, then how could we boast of such great success with troubled teens and misguided young adults?

Parent Testimonies
Learn what parents are saying about the parenting workshop and the life changing effects it has had on their families.

Immediate Enrollment
We have made enrollment seamless and uncomplicated. Simply fill out and fax back an enrollment application to 919-647-9797. Feel free to contact:

Katie – Admissions Counselor at 919-647-9797 ext. 3
Robert – Parent Life Coach at 919-647-9797 ext. 4
Cecilia – Customer Support at 919-647-9797 ext. 5

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