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 What Parents are saying

Jenny K. shares how she has become a more effective parent.“I’m really beginning to see the fruit of taking the time and training them. It’s been phenomenal!” 

Jenny put to practice the training she learned from the parenting and training resources how to teach her son step-by-step how to do his daily chores.
Jenny K.

Deneatra M. shares how parenting God's way is more effective.“If we do it [parenting] the way God has ordained it…the fruit does come…I will not be a horrible parent anymore.”

Deneatra speaks about giving her son to God and learning how to parent by doing it God’s way so things can work out for the good.
Deneatra M.

Katherine J. shares her gratefulness for her changed son.“My son has changed…He has done a 180°. We will forever be grateful.”

Kathrine gives her testimony about how she enrolled her son into the program, believed God for a miracle and got her son back.
Katherine J.

Chastity S. shares how to overcome manipulative children.“When your kids start manipulating you…I did not recognize it…I started studying it and learned how to refocus…”

Chastity speaks about how much the The Blame Game teaching has taught her to overcome her daughter’s categorizing and deal with her root issues.
Chastity S.

Kathy A. shares how she overcame an intimidating parenting style.I thought I was a very effective parent. Without even thinking, I started raising my child with intimidation…I learned…”

Kathy shares how she raised her daughter through intimidation and then learned how to parent through grace and being submitted under sound teaching.
Kathy A.

Mark W. shares how and his wife were Life Coached to become more effective parents.“We were mentored…and are coming back with a son that has a passion for God. God had to take over.”

Mark & Jenny share how God has taken them on a journey of healing and restoration to their son through Parent Life Coaching and the parent training and resource material.
Mark W.

Ashton B. shares character development & biblical discipleship changed her life.“Going to the character classes and being in the presence of God…a void was filled. God raised me up to change a nation.”

Ashton shares how God has changed her life from the downward spiral of drugs and broken relationships to the victory of a renewed relationship with Christ all while paying it forward to other young women in similar circumstances.  Ashton B.
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