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Video Resources

Watch videos of parents talking about what they have learned and how the application of these principles have resulted in amazing change in their lives and their children.



Team Members Contact

Direct phone numbers, emails and wall posts are various ways to communicate with team members and any other professional support persons. Communicate with the Life Coaches and Customer Support people through our social network.


File Cabinet

Everyone in the Case Group can upload reports, video, recorded audio counseling sessions, pictures, etc. Stay connected and enjoy peace of mind by keeping all your important files in one place.



Case Management

You will be assigned a private Case Groups where you can invite your doctor, probation officer, attorney, minister, family members and relatives for collaboration. Each group is accessible only to those invited.


Parenting Workshop

The Parenting Workshop offers a training audio curriculum along with supplemental videos so that you can master effective parenting skills that have proven to foster heart change in the lives of children.


Parenting Life Coaching

Your assigned Parent Life Coach will soon become your best friend as he or she walks you through difficult moments of confrontation. You won’t have to end up angry and with a broken heart as you engage in effective mediation with your Parent Life Coach.


Academic Support

Your Life Coaches are equipped with knowledge and experience to give you guidance with educational solutions that require unique circumstances.




Stay up to date with the latest seminars, workshops and parent support groups closest to you.



Articles & Blogs

Be encouraged by the articles and blogs that will give you hope and lift your spirits.

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